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Summer Whites and Baby Blues

keepitcoolsunglasses / sandal / blazer / earrings / purse / skirt

This week I am going to recap my entire Fourth of July weekend, but today I am going to ditch the red and just focus on summer whites and baby blue accents.  I love the look of white and touches of baby blue because the combo reminds me of a beautiful summer sky and the east coast.

We have just booked our Jersey shore trip and I am so excited to say the least. It has been forever (a year) since we have been there. And this time we get to take Briton. I can’t wait to go on a vacation with the family and see how we manage with our new addition.

July 3rd Recap






chicwishstroller: (bugaboo donkey)

my outfit: skirt (sheinside) / popsicle blouse (sheinside) / sandals (steve madden) / ring (kendra scott) / necklace (rocksbox)

hudsons top (jcrew factory) / shoes (sperry)

hollands outfit (gymboree) / shoes (salt waters)

Maybe one of my favorite, most busiest days. We woke up and went to the Provo  Hot Air Balloon Festival and Pancake Breakfast. Dallin and the toddlers went to the pool for four hrs while Briton and I napped at home. The kids came home and napped (with a babysitter) while Dallin, Briton and I went to the dollar theater and saw ALOHA. BTW there are way better movies at the dollar theater right now than the regular theater. We came home grabbed the kids and went to sushi. It had been at least 40 weeks since I had sushi, so I was sooo beyond excited to go.

After we ate we went to Provo Beach Resort. We played games and a darling newly wed couple gave the kiddos over 1000 tickets for prizes, they were so excited. And then, as if our kids hadn’t done enough in one day, we decided to go to the Provo Freedom Festival until midnight. We are obviously not strict on curfew. There is just something about this holiday that makes me want to use every min. of it.

This was absolutely the busiest day I have had in a long time. I think a big part of it had to do with the fact that I actually was feeling like myself again, I was able to nap, get ready, and I was feeling confident with our cute little newborn.

As for the stroller dilema I am going to order the wheely board attachment for this stroller. Other than it being on back order, I think this will be a great solution. If I am ever going to go out for a really long day, or in a Disneyland situation, ie a situation where the kids will be napping on the go, I will get a sling to put little Britzy in and wear him.

Sporty Chic Lady Liberty

wildfox pullovers red-white-blue
1, 2, 3, 4
summer denim
1, 2, 3, 4
red,white,blue shoes
1, 2, 3, 4

I can’t wait to start shopping for post pregnancy looks. I am loving these sporty looks. Realizing that tomorrow is the fourth, has me wishing I would of ordered some of these pieces last week. But who has ever said you can’t wear red, white and blue after the 4th?

I love July in Utah because we celebrate July 24th, when Utah became a state. It is celebrated in the same manor as the Fourth. So pretty much the whole month of July is nonstop fireworks, bbq’s, fairs and rodeos.

Wishing everyone a great weekend and a Happy 4th of July! #letfreedomring

First Outing With My Trio










mother-daughterTonight we went out with Briton for the first time. As you can see it wasn’t a “picture perfect” event, but it was just what our family needed. I might not of brushed my hair today (BTW I think this is my first time showing my natural curly on my blog, I am kind of insecure of it. But I am trying to learn to love it, because, well it’s easy) or put on makeup. Holland may have gotten soaking wet at the museum, I forgot her pajamas, so she ended up wearing a bib to cover the ninnies, but overall a very successful time.

This little “photo session” was spawned on by Hudson. He said he wanted to get a picture of him sitting in the middle of the grass holding his baby brother so naturally I wanted to document it.

Maybe the funniest and sweetest conversation took place tonight. This is the first time we have gone out as the 5 of us, Briton is a week old, the kids had a discussion about the remainder of my empty bump. Holland kept pointing to my “bump” saying “baby”. I said “no just chubby”. Hudson quickly corrected me and said “mom that right there (my belly) is a reminder that you used to carry a baby. I seriously am dealing with a “three-nager” I swear this kid understands concepts way beyond his age. Anyways it made me feel good to say the least. I seriously just love that I get to raise these kids of mine. :)

What we looked like a week ago



adrianna-papelldress (macys super on sale!)

Looking back on what my family used to look like, and what my stomach used to look like. It’s hard to believe as I make this post with my sleeping baby by my side that he used to be inside that belly of mine. With tight spanx on, two demanding toddlers, having to get Briton re-circumcised-talk about traumatizing, and mastitis like you wouldn’t believe I am starting to think pregnancy was a breeze compared to the first week of being a mother of 3. My only saving grace is that Briton is the best baby! Hudson and Holland adore him, Holland only freaks out when I nurse~still working on that part, BTW thanks everyone for all your advice I have tried just about everything. I think time might be the answer? My mom pretty much moved in because my husband started back up at work on Tuesday. I am demanding that today was his last day. When he left the other morning I was changing Britons diaper. Holland was watching at the end of the changing table and when I brought Britons legs up, Briton peed on his face, and Holland was dripping in his poop. I was like you are really going to leave me in this state. Looking back its super funny, but yesterday I was a mess.

I miss my pregnancy GLOW right about now

Oakwood Homes Progressive Dinner

Disclaimer this post was intended to go live the day I delivered Briton. Sorry for the bump shots :)

tiffanyroseuk oakwoodhomes oakwoodhomesutah tiffanyroseclothing

dress (tiffany rose) / jelly shoes (shop prima donna) / necklace (stella and dot)

Dallins look: shirt (nordstrom) / shoes (sperrys)

It was so fun being invited to Oakwood Homes progressive dinner last week, I also got to bring a plus one, or two in my case. We were able to go from model home to model home where we were served drinks by Williams Sonoma. The next home we had apps served by Costco. We were then treated by Rodizio Grill, a Brazilian steakhouse, for the main course. And for dessert we had Williams Sonoma make us a delicious treat along with a magic show. Legit magic show. 

All this fun and I was technically working. This is one of my favorite parts of blogging, going onsite and working with businesses.

This is actually my second event with Oakwood Homes, a local builder that is popping up everywhere. I can’t believe how quickly they are growing and expanding. If you are in the market you have to tour the homes yourself. Their floor plans are great, I mostly love the mud rooms and the upstairs family rooms. They also have a show room by Fashion Place Mall that make it super easy to visualize and dream about your new home.