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The Sun Will Come Out


sheinside-clothing 01-48-00


saintlaurentpurseyellow trench (sheinside) / yellow rain boots (aquatalia, similar) / white tunic (isabella oliver) / white jeans (non-maternity, maternity) / sunglasses (prada) / purse (saint laurent c/o trendlee) is back and I couldn’t be more excited. Not only am I posting again but tomorrow is a Holiday. So the weather hasn’t been great, but it hasn’t been terrible either. It’s been fun to play in the rain with the kids and then a couple hrs later enjoy the sunshine. I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day!

34 Weeks Pregnant




34 weeks pregnantcali shirt (non maternity version) (maternity version) / cargo jacket (non maternity version) (maternity version) / ag jeans (non maternity version) (maternity version) / camo ankle strap sandal (yosi samra)

A Very Unexpected Weekend



4-generationshollands helmut (amazon) / hudsons helmut (amazon) / hudsons skateboard (amazon)

A little weekend recap

Dallin has business all week in New Jersey. He is catching a flight to meet up with all 6 of his brothers and Dad in Vegas to then drive to St. George to visit their Grandpa Bird. And then they will then fly out of the country to visit the other set of Grandparents in Canada.

Dallin calls me before he is about to board the plane home from Jersey and tells me that he has a 40 min. layover in Salt Lake City and to bring down his passport, which he forgot to pack. I bring the kids to the security gates in their stroller and wait for him, we have to do this fast so he can catch his connecting flight to Vegas.

Dallin tries saying goodbye to us, kids are crying and I pose the option that we all drive down together visit grandpa and then I will drive back home with the kiddos. Dallin says let me just catch this flight and well plan this trip just our family not during the “boys trip” and not when you are 34 weeks pregnant. I tell him we’ve already packed and we are ready to go if he changed his mind. {The reason I was pretty set on going was this was a hard week for me, we got the news we didn’t get our “dream home” this week while Dallin was away and I had been feeling pretty down about it while being alone all week. I thought I was bringing the new baby home to this adorable home and cute nursery. It solved all our problems. I couldn’t stand answering questions about it, canceling home showings, looking at my for sale sign, I wanted a break from it all}

Prying crying children out of daddies arms we watch him go back through security. After I have loaded the stroller and children back into the car my phone rings and Dallin on the other line says “you guys really packed?”. Next thing I know Dallin is in the car and we are driving to go see Grandpa.

I forgot the main piece of luggage in my rush to get to the airport ect. But don’t worry I had the helmuts, skateboard, scooters, stroller, and what the kids packed themselves in their roller bags, I left the important bag at home sitting in my garage.

I was so happy we were able to come down. Grandpa is so cute and stylish. This cute 95 year old has every color of Birkenstocks, I don’t even own a pair yet. I now get where my Hudson, Dallin, and Father-in-law all get their love of the hot tub. Grandpa. We went hot tubbing with him. I’ve never seen someone at his age hot tub.

Holland was kind of scared of Grandpa at first, but after two days of visiting him she was his little sidekick. She would gather pink rocks for him, sit on his lap, they even fell asleep together while he was holding her.

I drove the kids and I home through dark skies and white knuckles. It rained and snowed on me on the way home. What usually takes us 4 hrs. took me 3 hrs. I flew home. And with every Braxton Hick contraction I was that much more motivated to get closer to my hospital.  Needless to say we didn’t stop once. As soon as we got off our exit I took the kids to Texas Roadhouse, I couldn’t stand going to fast food with them one more time. It was really fun and they kept on saying Yee-Haa. BTW Hudson super impressed me and counted to 100 multiple times during the road trip, I didn’t even know he knew how to do that. Also he wanted me to call him Nephi the whole way home because I got him a sling shot and he called me Sariah from the Book of Mormon, I didn’t know he knew who Nephi’s mom was. -I had to throw that in bc I would hate to forget it

Although we forgot our luggage and I wore the same clothes for multiple days, and Dallin was “that Brother” who ruined the all boy no kid vibe we had a bunch of fun. Dallin being around his brothers made me very excited for Hudson to be getting a brother here in a few short weeks.

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Color Pop, Color Block




33weekspregnantmaxi dress (pinkblush maternity) / coral flats (jcrew old, similar) / necklace (ily couture)

Good morning Mother Nature here lol I had to throw that in because on Mothers Day this is what I wore, hair half done, belly “popping”, it just doesn’t get more motherly than this.




pleonie+clothingtop (pleoine) / jeans (gap)

Tonight I am feeling relieved. I went to the Dr. today and my baby has turned! Now all I need you to do is stay that way bubs. I have been reading up on C-sections the past two weeks in case he wouldn’t turn. I hope I don’t have to have one. I know the other way pretty well and am mostly afraid of the recovery time with a C-section mixed in with the demands of a newborn, two year old and three year old.

What’s Yours is Mine





janieandjacksoul mate shirt (jessica simpson) / necklace (ily couture) / jeans (ag non-maternitymaternity) / camo flats (yosi samra)/ kate spade perfume (walk on air) / Hollands shoes (freshly picked)

Hollands new favorite word is “mine” repeatedly said Finding Nemo style. So we open up this new light and airy perfume from Kate Spade and the first thing she says is “mine”.

If you haven’t smelt this new scent it’s so yummy! The lily infused fragrance caresses the skin like a breath of fresh air.

Now the question is how do I get my new perfume back from those cute baby fingers without dropping the glass bottle:)

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