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Mommy and Me

yosi-samra albionfit steineriksonfaux fur vest (chicwish) workout outfits (albion fit) hollands silver glitter flats (yosi samra) / my nude monogrammed flats (yosi samra)

I am running out of lap room over here. Tonight I am just thinking of how this little peanut will react to a new “baby” in the family. My prediction is she is going to transition smoothly. She knows she is my little “Littles” and this girl is as maternal as they come with her baby doll. Fingers crossed.


White Floral





white-maternity-dresswhite floral non-maternity midi dress ($20 here) / white pumps (manolo blahnik)

Hi everyone I wanted to quickly get this post up here so that those of you who were looking at purchasing this dress could easily access is.

This is a non-maternity midi dress, and is only $20! I love it and know you will too! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!


Shannon B.

Ps. Have any of you seen the trailer to the new movie “Inside Out” coming out in July? My kids have been loving it, and so have I.

Let the Good Times “Roll”

navy-sleeved-dress spring-nautical-dressdress (nordstrom) / pink pumps (nordstrom) / purse (neiman marcus)

This non-maternity dress is darling, and I just love the light weight knit material, best part it’s under $100!

The weekend is here and the Birds could not be more excited. We are taking advantage of the beautiful snow we finally received and are off to the Mtns. Timing could not be more perfect, it’s the last ski weekend of the season. The combination of the new snow and the Stein Eriksen hosting my “baby moon”,  I think this weekend couldn’t be more perfect:) let the good times roll I say, literally I feel like I am carrying around a bowling ball these days. Here’s to 30 weeks! :)

Backpack & Sneaker Stage of Life

I have to admit, I am kind of excited to be entering the “Backpack & Sneaker” stage of life. I think I am entering this stage at the perfect time. I mean how cute are backpacks and sneakers now a days? So RETRO :) Life for me is about to get REAL, and thank heavens these picks are REAL cute!

Don’t Step on a Crack or you’ll Break your Mothers Back

a+pea+in+the+pod  apeainthepodmaternityworkoutclothesmaternity+workout+clothes  maternity+work-outshoes (on sale!) / pants (a pea in the pod-beyond the bump) non maternity style (here) / two-tone tank top (a pea in the pod-vimmia) non maternity style (here) / zip up (a pea in the pod maternity-vimmia) non maternity style (here) / lips (nars velvet matte lipstick) / sunglasses (prada)

First off I want to say that it is extremely important to take care of yourself while working out when you are pregnant, when you’re not pregnant too, but so-o important when you are.

The most important thing is to listen to your body.

If you feel too hot, dizzy take a break and hydrate.

Always tell your instructor/trainer that you are pregnant and ask for modified versions of the workout.

Don’t EVER do crunches while pregnant. I can’t see it being good for baby, and also what it will do to your already stretched out stomach muscles is not good. Girls you can tear and unproperly train your stomachs muscles when you do crunches while pregnant. You will ruin your previous abs. The result if you do will be protruding abs.

Always stretch. The last thing you would want is to pull something leading to expensive massages and/or bed rest.

Hydrate and eat to make up for your workout.

Wear ultra supportive workout shoes when working out. I am a huge fan of light workout shoes, but not when I am pregnant, I need all the support I can get. {especially with this pregnancy I have experienced some sciatica}

I hope I haven’t scared you from working out, I just want to let you know of some things to be cautious of. And to weigh the pros and cons of certain exercises.

For example I usually run on the treadmill when I am not pregnant. When I am pregnant I take classes or use the treadmill at an incline while walking.

Non-pregnant readers I haven’t forgotten about you. Here is a non maternity workout outfit version of the one I am wearing.

Spring Fever

vincecamuto ericjavits vinceclothing springbreak springbreak2015blouse (nordstrom) / pants (nordstrom) / glasses (nordstrom) / purse (nordstrom) / shoes (yosi samra)

Although I didn’t technically “go” anywhere for Spring Break, and it’s not like my husband took off work for it, and that my kids have a crazy school schedule, but I will say this Spring Break was awesome. Technically this is my first Spring Break since ’07, high school. The college I graduated from didn’t give Spring Breaks so it was fun to experience that again.

I love crowds, crazy I know. I really enjoyed going to places where there were tons of other “Spring Breakers”, it made it feel official and like everyone was on holiday.

Good luck everyone whose coming back from a long break. I hope this Spring Break added a little “sping” to your step vs getting depressed it’s over. Whether you have finals coming up, need a little extra boost to get a head start on your spring cleaning, or  some motivation to shed a few extra lbs before it’s officially pool season.  I don’t know about you, but I have a bad case of spring fever!

ps the top I am wearing says it is a crop top, but it does not fit like one. I am wearing a size small and am super pregnant, and it wasn’t that short for being a non maternity and a “crop top” -I thought I would throw that in in case there were any concerns.