Lobster Night With Dixie® #BEMOREHERE

lobster-birdalamodelobsterprep-birdalamode lobsternightxbirdalamode lobsterkids-birdalamode birdalamodexdixie birdalamode-lobsterprep familylobsternight-birdalamode

Lobster night is one of our family’s favorite dinners. It is how we end our summer on the Jersey Shore. Our family made a conscious decision this summer to make more lasting memories with the ones we love by not worrying about the clean-up and to focus more on being present and in the moment.

Because we want everyone to participate in the family conversation and not be a slave to the dishwasher, we started the summer off by stocking up on Dixie® paper products to make clean up easy.

This allows us to be more engaged in making memories and building relationships vs. fussing over the mess. Investing in Dixie products has made every event much more enjoyable and carefree.

We are already looking forward to our Jersey vacation next summer. The best thing I can give my children is a childhood filled with memories of their cousins and grandparents.

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Ladies In Levis®

501-levisbrand501-levis 2015-501-levis levis-501

white skinny jeans (levis) / denim vest (levis) / 501 t-shirt (levis) / hoop earring (nordstrom)

The 90’s are back and I am all about it! Starting with my new 711 Levis Skinny Jeans. I am not all that gun hoe about super tight uncomfortable skinny jeans but these ones have a very comfortable and flattering fit so therefor have become a staple in my closet. I like the higher rise and the thicker material, I love thicker jeans with my floor living lifestyle ie children. 

*Today’s post was sponsored by Levis via Vogue

Dear Birthday Boy Hudson

hudsonbird 4yearoldboy birthdayboyshirt (quicksilver)

Dear Hudson,

I must of done something right to get to be your mother. You really are such a special boy. Your understanding of the English language baffles me everyday along with that memory of yours-two things I wish I had. Your gymnastics, and swimming skills far surpass mine-huge fear of going backwards, I blame this on my scoliosis, but really I am just strait up chicken. Things that we do share is our fluffy curly hair and cross bite – I got mine fixed thanks to braces and yours will get fixed too but I really love that grin just the way it is right now. Hudson it has been a wonderful 4 years you are the best older brother Holland & Briton could ask for. Hope you have a wonderful day my sweet Baby no. 1!

Feels like it was just yesterday! Here’s to many more wonderful tomorrows!

Today’s Outfit Details


jeans (jcrew) / top (as similar as I could find) / shoes (nordstrom)

Hi guys I want to say thank you for all your compliments today on today’s instagram. Here is a quick post showing what I am wearing. In the future I will put a LIKETOKNOW.IT on my outfits to make it easier. How it works is you sign up on , when you like one of my photos on instagram with a link you will get an email with ready-to-shop product details, simple right?

So that explains what all that business is on the end of my photos on instagram :)

Lets talk jeans, so I got these jeans a while ago, like 4 years ago to be exact. I got them right after I had Hudson. The holes are natural b/c I seriously wear them all the time. And the paint stains well those are there because I painted bunk beds in them. I love the toothpick fit b/c it doesn’t make you look like a pear like skinny jeans do. I am kind of falling out of love with the skinny jean look. The exaggerated tightness on the biggest part of my leg (thigh) and then lets exaggerate the smallest part my ankles, um no thanks. I am a fan of the strait at the moment.

The shirt, well this is the closest to the top I could find.

The Converse, nuff said. I love the Chuck Taylors. I am a tomboy at heart.

And We’re National

And we are National! The best words my agent has told me in a long time! After being on a hiatis being pregnant, newborn and all it was good to hear those words. Marriott originally bought us out at the time, but now the commercial has gone national. So if you are ever in a bind and didn’t DVR your favorite T.V. show and have to sit through commercials well you might just see this one:)

Birdie A La Modie

Babybird babycombatboots black-felt-hat  thebeeandthefox toddlercombatbootsfelthatdenim skirt (nordstrom) / bird shirts (the bee and the fox) / sued boots (french connection) / brown & black diaper bag (petunia pickle bottom) / plaid shirt (madewell) / black felt hat (nordstrom)

Hollands combat boots (similar) / plaid shirt (nordstrom)

You can say we like our last name a lot! Just the other night we were discussing what our grandparent names are going to be. I have dibs “Birdie” as my grandma name although ever since the convo it’s been pretty much all the hubs has been calling me, that or ” a la modie” I guess I have an old soul already:)