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Build An Outfit or Two with Sheinside

I love outfits. I will not buy a shirt without knowing what I am going to wear on the bottom. That is why sometimes I naturally gravitate to pre-thought out outfits like sweatsuits and dresses.
I had a great time making a virtual closet and coming up with outfits that you can mix and match with several tops and bottoms. Who doesn’t love getting pieces that you know will be used for multiple outfits?

If you are interested in any of the above pieces just click on the picture and you will be directed to where the product can be found. All these items are from

I hope you have a lovely weekend. It is going to be 70 plus degrees here in Utah and I couldn’t be more excited to spend every min. outside with the family.

Short Hair Don’t Care

kentucky-derbyapeainthepodkentuckyderbya-pea-in-the-pod whattoweartothekentuckyderbyjeweled striped dress (a pea in the pod) / white hat (similar) / white prada (neiman marcus) / white manalos (neiman marcus)

Today’s inspiration is Taylor Swift! Love this girl she is just one of those girls that has always had “courage and has always been kind”. You can just tell she is a nice person, and is both beautiful inside and out. She is my idol, not that I want to be her. I think of her more as a sister figure. She is someone that I would love to call occasionally, have sleepovers with, and have girls night outs with.

Preggers W/ Ily Couture





ily-couturepreggers shirt (ily couture) / necklace (ily couture) / ag jeans (a pea in the pod) non maternity version (nordstrom) / nude pumps (saint laurent) / hobo burberry diaper bag (nordstrom)

When I found out Ily Couture carried maternity shirts I was so excited! I have been a big fan of their graphic tees for a while. Ily Couture actually has graphics for the whole family, even you hubby!

An Ily shirt paired with one of their quality accessories can make you feel fabulous no matter what you’re doing. I have worn this combo to the park with the kids and even for a night out on the town. There really are no limitations when it comes to Ily Couture. 

Mikarose $100 Gift Card Giveaway


red,white,blue dressdressgiveaway



How cute is this (non maternity) dress? I just love the way I feel in it. It really is the perfect dress for the upcoming weather and events. It makes me think of picnics, carnivals, rodeos and fireworks, all the things I love about the warm weather.

I am wearing a size small with my 6 month bump, repeat this dress is non maternity, but for all you pregnant mamas this dress totally works great with a bump if you size up. 

Mikarose clothes are great quality and are super cute! I have saved the best part for last, I have teamed up with Mikarose and they are going to give one of you a $100 gift card so that you too can start shopping and feeling great in a new look for this new warm weather. 




Easy right?

Once you have done so please leave me a blog post comment and let me know that you have done so. *I will double check and will be choosing the winner from the comments.

Winner will be announced next Monday! Good luck and have a wonderful Monday!


Shannon B.

Nautical Vibes

lambblazer (sheinside) / red pants (jcrew) / white kitty rockstuds (saks) / l.a.m.b. purse old (selling, email if interested) (similar) / gold tank (nordstrom)

I live nowhere near the ocean, but that doesn’t mean I can’t pretend. Today I am taking a break from prancing around in a swimsuit, but not taking a break from wearing my love of the ocean on my sleeve.

The Peak and the Pit

At the end of every trip my husband and I always like to quiz each other on what the “PEAK of our trip was, and what the PIT was”

We always take turns back and forth and surprisingly we both came up with the same answers.


Our PEAK truthfully was everyday! We had so much fun with one another, but I would say that we both said the PEAK was after we wore the kids out they would both fall asleep in the stroller for at least 3 hrs and we got to do whatever we wanted. These parts of the day were our favorite:) we would either “adult swim”, the idea was to look like a cute couple with the girl wrapped around the guys back, but that didn’t workout so well due to the bump and the drag I was causing lol

Sometimes we would dash to our room, babies sleeping in stroller, shower up and go to fancy dinners. Babies still sleeping in stroller, and we get to have adult conversations.

Or we would just go to the room and … sleep

We were not expecting to have so much alone time, and every day we felt like little kids when the kids would start rubbing their eyes and want to get in the stroller. We would be like “I’ll get towels” “You put them in their pj’s” and we would start running to the room lol -life is good when you marry your best friend and someone who is funnier than you :)

IMG_2902(kids sleeping in stroller, while we dine…score)

The PIT. Ugh I hate to even write this but this was a crazy event that took place. I actually chose to block this out the rest of my trip bc I didn’t want to remember it.

One afternoon as we were eating lunch, we rock-paper-scissored who would go and change Hollands diaper, changing a swim diaper is the worst! -BTW I purposly stopped the potty training process bc we planned this trip, and I would hate for us to be the ones responsible for any pool to close down.

I lost, mid diaper change the alarm in the bathroom went off and the power was off. The power went out in one section of the Hotel, the Coral Towers. So we went back to our pools where there was power. We thought nothing of it until 6 pm when we headed back up to our room. We get off the elevator, the doors shut and that same alarm goes off and the power goes out. I hear screaming in the elevator. We were 2 seconds from being stuck in there. In pitch blackness we find our phones and run to our room. Thank heavens the keys work. Water isn’t working, no power, and no wifi. We ditch the stroller, get dressed in the dark, and carry our hungry and thirsty kids down 12 flights of stairs trying to find food and water. We are staying in the Royal Hotel, where all the high end shopping and Casinos are in. We get to the main street and see that a couple of places still have power. We wait for dinner for well over an hr. I take Hudson to the Bathroom and that darn alarm goes off and the whole rest of the island loses power. We are now starving and I am banned from going into anymore bathrooms.

We hear in the Coral Towers that there is a restaurant open and the gift shop. I am really missing my stroller by now. We buy tons of water and as many snacks as possible, who knows how long the power will be out? We wait for well over an hr to sit down at an Asian restaurant and well the alarm goes off again.

In pitch black we ask the hotel for a bag of ice. We carry two kids, all the water, food and ice up 12 flights of stairs, I am pregnant and am thinking I better not lose this baby. I am grateful that we were harbor facing and that our room was facing the yachts, I took comfort in their electricity and that they were watching t.v. Our room was soo hot that night and we had to open the door.

Because we were clueless about what was going on, no internet, no phones ect my mind was racing. I thought of the most bizarre things. I also checked on the people who had got stuck in the elevators and was so relieved that they were out. I was so distraught about being 12 stories up I wanted to tie all our sheets together just in case we needed a quick escape.

My husband, the calm one, told me to rest and that everything would be okay in the morning. I hardly slept. At 2 am the power came on and all my fears went away.

In the morning we decided not to talk about it and just enjoy our last day. We celebrated and went to the best buffet ever! We watched the sharks and stingrays and had another amazing day.

atlantis atlantis

I am definitely going back to Atlantis, I am actually trying to figure out the best ages with the new little one on the way. We were thinking Disney Cruise next? Anybody ever been on Disney Cruise? What are your thought? I honestly don’t know a better place to vacation with or without kids than Atlantis.

Our PIT of the trip just reassured me that I always need to be prepared. This could of happened anywhere, even in my own home. Needless to say, I am now on this whole food storage kick and emergency water preparation. Holding my hungry kids and having them ask me over and over again when they can eat is the worst thing a mom can go through. I even thought about trying to breastfeed them, if things got bad enough. -I am the dramatic one if you can’t tell.

power is out on whole island from shannon bird on Vimeo.