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I want to thank everyone for participating in the Nordic Track Giveaway! It was so successful! The winner is Lindsey Easton Bair! Congrats! I hope you LOVE it! I wish I could have given out more of these amazing treadmills! For all of you who do not have access to a treadmill I have put together some workout videos of what you can do with your children. Have a great weekend everyone!IMG_0659

It is not a rare  occurrence for me to go to the gym, drop the kids in day care, hop on the treadmill, and shortly after get paged that one of the kids is crying. I have completely given up on going to any classes, more for the sake of the employees of the day care having to come up and get my attention. I would rather have them page me, then have to come and get me out of a class.

I still go to the gym, mostly for swimming and basketball, and I attempt the treadmill knowing it’s just a matter of time before I get paged.

I now try to run at my home before the kids wake up. On the days that I do not wake up before them, I actually workout with them.

We do a series of workout together, from cardio, to squats, to yoga.

We made these clips on our trip. I do this routine with the kids when I travel. I get scared using exercise equipment with my kids around.

Family Yoga Sessions

12 Thoughts on “Baby Weights

  1. Awesome example to teach your children a healthy active lifestyle.. Kudos.
    Beautiful the way you speak to your children and include them in the activity. Much success !

  2. These videos are great! I do not have kids but I know so many moms who this would be perfect for!

  3. on January 17, 2014 at 11:30 am said:

    This is great! You are so creative. On another note I’m sad I didn’t win the giveaway but I think I know what my early #3-0 birthday gift to myself is 😉

    Keep up the fun!

  4. Lindsey on January 17, 2014 at 1:29 pm said:

    Oh my gosh, thank you so much! I won!! Unless someone with my same name also entered which must be it because I cant believe I won, haha! What do I do next?! Wow! Best day ever!

  5. So cute to get your kids involved! I should probably invite my 7-mo-old to my workouts. You are my baby-weight-losing inspiration!

  6. These kinds of posts are my favorite. You just seem like such a cute and fun mom! It inspired me to pick up my little one this morning and use her as my weight during my Jillian Michaels DVD workout. I got a much better workout and she had so much more fun compared to just watching me. We both thank you for the idea! xo

  7. Lacy thank you! Being a mom has made me face all my weaknesses. I used to be so impatient. But have learned to be so with kids:) thanks for your comment!

  8. Spread the word:) It is always so frustrating when you can’t get your workout in. I feel like this has been such a great way to let me enjoy my workout and the kids really like it too:) thanks for your comment!:)

  9. I really hope you get it! I love having a treadmill! What a great present! Thanks for your comment Nd compliment!

  10. Congrats!!! Email me at let’s get you this treadmill!!! Thanks for following and for entering the giveaway!

  11. Ah thank you! It really is unfair all that we have to go through, and all the pressure to be perfect, I wish you the best of luck and I am so flattered! Thank you for following!!!

  12. Your welcome! I bet you two had so much fun! That’s a great idea to do it to an actual workout!

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