Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access Has Begun!

My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Finds…

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As a Utah girl, Nordstrom is the highest end department store we have, I have always looked forward to shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It sure has changed from when I was a young girl, due to the internet and early access.

I remember going with my mom and sisters and waiting in line outside for the doors to open. When they did we would run to the shoe department and grab a number, when your number was called you were then helped with your shoes.

Through elbows and swinging purses we would make our way to the jean section & literally start grabbing at every jean, not even looking at sizes. Meanwhile one of us, usually my mom would go stand in the dressing room line.

As I no longer live by any of my sisters & as I now do my shopping online, I hold those memories dear to my heart. As silly as it might sound those are some of my fondest memories.


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