Quick Curls

October 2, 2013

I am a busy mom with two kids and have mastered the fastest way to get ready.

In these pictures I have shown how I get the perfect yet quick curls as you see.

This usually takes me about 30 minutes from wet head to the finished product! Let me know if you have any questions. I have a step by step tutorial on SHEKNOWS IS LIVE!

I thought I would share my technique with all of my readers who either wanted to mimic these curls or wanted to find a quick and easy way to look great without much effort and time:)

I am using a HERSTYLER curling iron which I ordered from Amazon. If you do not own this curling iron or a wand curling iron I recommend getting one. I have tried using a regular curling iron as a wand and it just wasn’t the same. But go ahead and use your regular curling iron as a wand as a hold me over until yours comes in the mail:)

Black + Brown.

We had the opportunity to stay at Hotel Park City over the weekend.  We had so much fun playing in the snow, which I thought was perfect timing for our mountain getaway! 
We all have heard that, “brown & black do not go together.” However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. These brown accessories work great with this black belt & top.
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  The Birds are “flying south” this upcoming weekend to St. George, to hopefully catch some warmer weather!
I want to thank Eric Javits and Onlineshoes.com for sponsoring this post.  

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Dash of Red

glasses: valentino
top: trouve
leggings: mimi chica
pumps: christian louboutin
purse: merona
watch: michael kors
lips: angel
scarf: jcrew

When accenting a color the rule is 4! No less, No more just the number 4!
Some ways to accent are through accessories, nails, lips, jewelery, shoes, purse, glasses, hats, and of course scarves!

Have a Wonderful Weekend! I’m off to Hotel Park City! Hello Snow!

Autumn Pleats

skirt: hinge
bow collar top: willow & clay

jacket: pure sugar
sunglasses: prada
bracelet: natasha couture
pumps: joan & david
clutch: nina
lips: oyster girl